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Comment On Pro-Death Tax Group’s “Award Winning” Ad
Liberal Group Demonizes America's Family Businessowners

Washington, DC—January 24… A liberal pro-Death Tax group, United for A Fair Economy, was recently given an award by the Boston Globe’s Sunday Magazine for an ad featuring a Paris Hilton look-alike actress. The spot ran as part of last year’s heated debate surrounding the repeal of the 47% IRS Death Tax. The group also announced that they expected a new vote on death tax repeal early this year.

“I’m not surprised that the Boston Globe – which shares a hometown with liberal-all stars John Kerry and Ted Kennedy – is applauding the demonization of America’s family business owners,” said Dick Patten, executive director of the American Family Business Institute (AFBI), a leading national advocacy group for repeal of the Death Tax.

“Pro-Death Tax groups had to rely on actors to make their points for them, but we were proud to run ads featuring a real life American Hero – Band of Brothers member Sergeant Donald G. Malarkey. He and thousands of local business owners from around the nation oppose this tax because it destroys businesses and it destroys jobs,” Patten continued.

According to Heritage Foundation, the Death Tax alone is responsible for the loss of between 170,000 and 250,000 potential jobs each year.

“Ironically, billionaires like Ted Kennedy and Paris Hilton use expensive estate attorneys to avoid ever paying the death tax,” added Patten.

AFBI’s 30-second ads, entitled “Generations”, featured legendary “Easy Company” veteran Donald G. Malarkey, whose World War II heroism was extensively depicted in the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers.” In the spot Mr. Malarkey says: “In war and peace my generation stood up for what’s right. Join us now and help us end the unfair death tax.” The ad ran throughout the summer in nine states across the nation. It was produced by award winning media producer Rick Wilson of Intrepid Media and can be viewed at:

United For A Fair Economy’s ad can be seen here: http://www.faireconomy.org/press/ufenews/2005/london.wmv



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