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President, Vice President and Senate Majority Leader All Call For Death Tax Repeal

Three Speeches in Two Days Call for Repeal – Momentum Building for 2006 Vote

Washington, DC –JANUARY 10, 2006 Over the last week President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Senate Majority Leader Frist have all called for repeal of the death tax. Permanent death tax repeal was scheduled for a Senate vote in September and was postponed so Congress could focus on disaster relief.

“President Bush, Vice President Cheney and Senator Frist’s statements are strong proof that the political climate is right for death tax repeal,” said Dick Patten, executive director of the American Family Business Institute. “A Senate vote is getting closer.”

Senator Frist: "Sooner than later, I will take the elimination of the death tax to the Congress floor," Frist said. "Now is the time to kill the death tax forever." American Farm Bureau Federation 1/8/06 (link)

President Bush: “We thought it was unfair to say to a farmer and a small business owner, the government is going to tax you twice, so we put the death tax on the road to extinction… To keep this economy growing, to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive, to make sure that the United States of America is the most productive nation in the world, the United States Congress must make the tax cuts permanent.” Chicago Board of Trade 1/6/06 (link)

Vice President Cheney: “We gave new incentives to small businesses to expand, and we put the unfair death tax on the road to extinction…. For the sake of the economy, and for the people who make it go, Congress must not raise taxes, and we need to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.” Harley-Davidson Manufacturing Plant, Kansas City, Missouri 1/6/06 (link)


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