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Permanent Death Tax Repeal Passes the House

Margin increases by nine votes

April 13, 2005

Washington, DC – The Death Tax Repeal Permanency Act has passed the House by a crushing 110 vote majority – nine votes larger than its margin last year. 272 Congressmen voted in favor of the bill including 42 Democrats.

“Momentum for death tax repeal is growing,” said Dick Patten, Executive Director of the American Family Business Institute. “More Democrats than ever voted to kill the death tax permanently.”

With passage complete in the House, the fight over permanent repeal of the death tax moves to the Senate where only seven Democratic votes are needed to insure passage. Ten Democratic Senators have voted to repeal the death tax in the past but a number of them have switched their positions back and forth.

“We’re going to be pushing the Democrats hard on this,” said Patten. “They’ll either vote for repeal of the death tax or feel the pain back home.”

92 percent of Americans feel it is unfair for government to tax a person’s income while it is be


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