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Dick Patten
Executive Director

Carrie Simms
Assistant E.D.

Josh Kahn
Director of Communications

Howard Segermark
Senior Consultant


American Family
Business Institute
1920 L Street, NW
Suite 200
Washington, DC 20036
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About the American Family Business Institute

The American Family Business Institute (A.F.B.I.) is an organization devoted to the singular goal of the permanent repeal of the Federal Estate Tax, or “Death Tax” as it’s commonly known. The organization consists of owners of family businesses throughout America. It was founded in 1992. It has offices is Washington, DC, Seattle, WA, and Birmingham, AL.

Mission Statement

Board of Directors

The AFBI is an organization of family business owners, large and small, throughout America. As a group we own 507 businesses. We provide 107,000 jobs. We conduct $43 Billion in annual business volume.


The AFBI has offices in Washington D.C., Seattle WA, and Birmingham AL. Dick Patten is the Executive Director. Dick comes from a background of building 2 successful family businesses. He has been involved with Death Tax repeal since 1981. Harold Apolinsky is the General Counsel. In addition to being the “godfather” of the Death Tax repeal movement in America, Harold is the nation’s leading legal expert on the Federal Estate Tax. Raymond Harbert is the Funding Chairman of the AFBI. Raymond is Chairman of Harbert Management Corporation, a global investment firm. Before asking others to invest in the AFBI, Raymond committed $500,000 personally.

Dick Patten

Carrie Simms

Howard Segermark

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